Cahaya, a young orang utan, lives in the depth of Borneo’s tropical rainforest. One day, he stumbles upon a very curious-looking fruit. 

It is round, hard as a rock, and full of tiny spikes!

But Bunda, his mother, says that it is the King of All Fruits.

Will Cahaya be brave enough to taste the spiky rock? What will Cahaya find under its hard spiky skins? What will he discover about the majestic King of All Fruits?

The story explores not only curiosity and risk-taking in trying out new things but also conveys a message that orang utan is a living creature.

"Like humans, Cahaya the orang utan loves his mother, loves playing, having an adventure, and they love to make friends with us, too!"

Spesifikasi Produk

Penulis: Michelle Kusuma
Editor: Pradikha Bestari
Ilustrator: Maria Hecher
Penataletak: Michelle Kusuma, Maria Hecher, dan Grace Gabriella AP
Kategori: Fiksi, Buku Anak
Terbit: 25 Mei 2021
Harga: Rp85.000
Tebal: 48 halaman
Ukuran: 260 mm x 220 mm
Sampul: Hardcover
ISBN: 9786024815721
ID KPG: 592101902
Usia: 6+
Bahasa: InggrisIndonesia
Penerbit: KIDDO

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