I am a woman of no language

I was fed the words my mother ate

And then I was told these sentences were not adequate

I was taught to speak other than my mother’s tongue

That my mother’s words only matter to use when I was young

Through the course of four chapters, First Drop of Red speaks about history and identity, existence and survival, love and lust, as well as faith and doubts. It tells stories, it offers perspective, it asks questions, it ignites conversation. Pick it, flip its pages, and let this book surprise you.

Spesifikasi Produk

Penulis: Dinda Mulia
Editor: Anida Nurrahmi
Perancang Sampul & Penataletak: Pinahayu Parvati
Kategori: Fiksi, Puisi
Terbit: 9 Maret 2022
Harga: Rp120.000
Tebal: 152 halaman
Ukuran: 130 mm x 180 mm
Sampul: Hardcover
ISBN: 9786024816667
ID KPG: 592101955
Usia: 17+
Bahasa: Inggris
Penerbit: POP

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