The Other Side of Hate is Love is a creative journal to process heartbreak through writing, doodling, and mindfulness practice. Write, draw, paint, and doodle in it. Do the exercises. Pour your heart out. In this book, Hanny shared her personal stories and life lessons, both the difficult and the easy, the lonely and the joyful, the bitter and the sweet, to accompany you throughout your heartbreak journey. “When Hanny first sent me this book, I didn’t know what I would find inside the carefully prepared package. Fiction, non-fiction, or one of those particular books that seem to be everything in between. What I found was something close to her heart, and mine: a reflection on mistakes done by us and to us, a thorough insight on the process of healing, and a guide that speaks to us like a friend.” — Rain Chudori, writer and curator of Comma Books

Spesifikasi Produk

Penulis: Hanny Kusumawati
Editor: Anida
Kategori: Nonfiksi, Self Improvement
Terbit: 9 Maret 2020
Harga: Rp 65.000
Tebal: 216 halaman
Ukuran: 130 mm x 190 mm
Sampul: Softcover
ISBN: 9786024813352
ID KPG: 592001753
Usia: 15+
Bahasa: Inggris  

Penerbit: Comma Books

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