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What would you do if you discovered you've been living with the enemy? 

Arguably, there are two ways to handle this situation. First, either panic and be at risk of defeat, or second, try to remain calm and play along with the enemy and hope to survive. 

Love Letters for Mr. T documents the journey of the latter. After countless typical headaches and weird symptoms, Sandila has her head examined and finds a rare brain tumor has gone into hiding on her brain stem. By now, you may recognize this 'object of affection' called Mr. T. Yet, you wonder how their relationship will unfold or perhaps feel the urge to peek at their "love letters"? Follow the roller coaster-like journey between Sandila and Mr. T and discover their tales of grief and hope. Who knows, there might be relatable stories out of this frenemy relationship that might cheer you up.

Spesifikasi Produk
Penulis: Sandila Ekaputri
Editor: Katrine Gabby Kusuma
Kategori: Nonfiksi, Self-improvement
Terbit: 17 Agustus 2022
Harga: Rp 90.000
Tebal: 94 halaman
Ukuran: 130 mm x 180 mm
Sampul: Softcover
ISBN: 9786024818739
ISBN Digital: 9786024818746

ID KPG: 592202052
Bahasa: Inggris
Usia: 15+
Penerbit: POP

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